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Harmsco HUR 170 Stainless Steel Pool Filter

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Stainless Steel Pool Filter

Make your pool better with the Harmsco HUR 170 Stainless Steel Pool Filter. The Harmsco HUR 170 Stainless Steel Pool Filter is a pool filtration system is designed with a patented Up-flow technology which prevents the accumulation of air inside the filter housing keeping the filter operating at 100% efficiency. Uses 40" filters.

Product Details

  • Separate dense solids prior to cartridge filtration for extended filter life
  • Increased dirt holding capacity and reduced maintenance costs
  • 170 GPM (643.5 LPM) Flow Rate
  • Max Pool Size: 32,000 Gallon (121133.18 Liter)
  • Pressurized water from the pump can be close coupled, with a minimum of head loss, into the tangential inlet nipple
  • The flow stream accelerates rotationally to develop a cyclone separation, efficiently acting as a prefilter
  • Water rises upward into the inner chamber where rotational forces collide with cartridge media, pleated at an angle toward the rotational flow.
  • As the flow orbits the cartridge, it continuously flutters the pleats, distributing debris evenly over 100% of the media, thus eliminating blind spots.
  • Deep Angled pleats are directed toward rotational flow for increased dirt holding capacity
  • Easy to install, remove, clean and service cartridge

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