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Common Water Issues

Bad water symptoms are sometimes easy to detect but hard to diagnose. Other times symptoms range in complexity and are very difficult to detect. It doesn’t matter if you get your water from a private well or from a municipal water treatment plant, you can face a wide range of potential water problems. To make your life better we’ve composed the following guide to help you diagnose your water problems. We have a full selection of water filtration and water treatment products that will work to fix a variety of water quality issues, from bad taste, foul smell, hard water problems to impurities like iron, sulfur, tannin, sand, and sediment. Click on a category below to learn more about your water issue and see which water treatment system could be your solution. If you don’t see your water problem listed here, please feel free contact us today for the best solution.
Acid water is water with a potential hydrogen (pH) of less than 7. pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. 7 on the pH scale represents neutral where the substance is neither a base or acidic. Zero through 7 indicates acidity, the lower the number the higher the acidity.Seven through 14 indicates basicity, the higher the number the higher the basicity.