What’s in your water?

Your water could be causing problems!

There are many microorganisms that can make their way into your water. Some of these will cause you and your family to fall ill, or ruin the taste of your food or drinks. There are many factors that lead to the contamination of water. If your water comes from a private well there are greater chances that it may become contaminated. Even if your water is treated by local and governmental municipalities there is always a chance that it may not be safe. Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) stated “Just because your tap water gets a passing grade from the government doesn’t always mean it’s safe.”

There are many ways to find out if these may be present in your water. You can check our “Better Life” section to learn more about the water where ever you are. In the United States you can also check the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for their searchable online Tap Water Database, that allows anyone in the US to see the quality of their drinking water by entering their zip code or local utility’s name online.


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