Should our pets be drinking filtered water too?

Water is necessary for life, whether you’re a human or a pet. More times than not, we drink filtered or bottled water while giving our pets tap water. Why is that? Do pets not need or deserve high quality filtered water?  We are aware of the dangers associated with tap water, that’s why we make sure our families are drinking the “safe” water, but we somehow forget about certain 4-legged members of our family. Although there are no filtered water options in the wild, pets, just like us; benefit from drinking water that has been filtered, here are some of the reasons:

  • Our pets can be harmed by what is lurking in our tap water. Fluoride, chlorine by-products, and harmful contaminants such as bacteria, arsenic, pesticides, heavy metals, and even fuel all can be found in tap water. These contaminants can cause health issues for your family as well as your pet.


  • Our pets may be more sensitive to what is in water than we are, and this may lead to reduced water consumption. Cats and horses, for instance, are also often very picky about what they eat and drink and are sensitive to odors and tastes. This can affect their water consumption because if they don’t like something about their water, they probably won’t drink it. This can eventually lead to dehydration.


  • Filtered water can reduce tear stains. You have probably seen dogs with dark tear stains under their eyes. This is a common problem, that is attributed to diet (which includes the water they drink). Tap water may contain a high amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and tear stains are a result of the excess minerals.


  • It’s one of the few things we control. For the dog owners especially, you know when you’re not looking your dog may eat anything from your shoes to the trash. We can’t really control what they do when we aren’t looking, but we can control what we give them. That’s why giving them filtered water is a great choice.

Pure, good quality water is just as important for your pet’s health as it is to yours. Whole house filtration systems are a great way to ensure your pets get high-quality water. Even if they drink it from the toilet. Check out some of our whole house systems. Your pet will thank you (if they could talk).


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