Reusable Water Bottle – the alternatives to single use plastic bottles!

It is becoming common knowledge that bottled water may not be the best choice. We have already proven that the quality of bottled water is no greater than tap water in most cases; especially when using a filtration system. We have also pointed out the environmental effects of bottled water, and the plastics they leave behind. So, what is next? How do we reduce our plastic bottle usage, while continuing to drink the amounts of water we need to be healthy?

Reusable water bottles! There are many alternatives, such as plastic, glass, metal, and even paper reusable bottles. Paired with a great filtration system these bottles eliminate the use of the single use plastic water bottles. There are many great bottle brands, but we have put together a list of some of our favorite reusable bottles.

  • Greens Your Color (greensyourcolour.com)

Green’s Your Color (GYC) is a Canadian based company that provides insulated bottles. The company launched in 2011 and now has a variety of designs and bottle sizes, ranging from 350ML to 800ML. Insulated bottles are great because the keep cold drink cold, and hot drink hot. One of our favorites from GYC is the 500 ML ‘ULTIMATE HORSEY!’ (TEAL) bottle. GYC also has accessories such as drinking spouts, ice strainers, tea strainers, and fruit infuser baskets to totally customize your bottle.

Hydro Flask; which was founded in 2009, is an American company based in Bend, Oregon. Hydro Flask offers bottles that are not only insulated, but also vacuum sealed. The vacuum seal allows it to keep cold drinks colder for longer, and hot drink hotter for longer. There ae reports that it keeps ice water cold for 24 hours (with ice still floating in it!) and coffee or tea hot for 12 hours. They also sell a variety of bottles designed for several usages such as coffee, beer, wine, and food.

Lifefactory is a California based company that fuses modern design, highest quality materials, and exceptional utility to produce a full line of BPA-free glass houseware products for everyday life. There glass bottles come with a silicone sleeve, that protects the bottle, make it easier to grip, and give it a nice visual aesthetic. They offer a variety of caps for the bottles to give a different drinking experience. Lifefactory also offers bottles designed for babies, and children (drinking water isn’t only for adults).  

Ecotech direct is an American Based company offering paper water bottles. Although these bottles are only semi reusable (eventually they become unusable) they are a great alternative to single use plastic bottles. Their bottles are recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable making them extremely environmentally friendly. The bottle’s outer shell is made of compostable pulp and an inner barrier is made of recyclable PET.

All of these are great alternatives to single use plastic bottles. They are perfect if you have a water filtration system in your home or at work. There are many other brands that are great. Let us know what your favorite is.

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