Foul Taste & Smell. Water Filter

Sometimes water in a home or business may have a foul taste or smell. This could be a sign of many different problems. If water smells and tastes like “rotten eggs” it may be contaminated with Sulfur or Hydrogen Sulfide. This may cause digestive problems in humans, and lead to more serious plumbing problems. Water may also have an earthy or fishy smell. This can be cause by anything from bacteria and algae, to the presence of certain metals in the water. Depending on what is causing the smell, and the concentration of that matter, water with this type of smell could be very detrimental to human health. Water with a metallic taste and/or smell commonly will be caused by the pipes, and the presence of metals/minerals in the water. The presence of these metals in water could lead to health risk such as fever, high blood pressure, damage to the nervous system, liver damage, and seizures. If water has a foul taste or smell it is imperative to test the water and find out the cause. What may not seem like a serious problem could indeed be very serious.

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