Filtered Water is Great For Your Hair and Skin!

We all know how important it is to drink enough water. There has even been a recent shift in culture and we are beginning to see more and more people installing water filtration systems in their home. This makes sense because there are many health, and environmental benefits from drinking good filtered water directly from the tap, but there are also many hidden benefits that we aren’t considering. A good filtration system is great for hair and skin. That may be great news for those who are into beauty and cosmetics.

Many homes and apartments suffer from what is known as hard water; water that has high mineral content. Hard water magnifies the symptoms of many skin conditions. Breakouts related to eczema, psoriasis and dry skin become worse when exposed to hard water. Hard water leaves mineral deposits on your skin that can clog pores and dry out your skin, making it feel scaly with residue. This can lead to an increase in acne.

Hard water also reduces the effects of soaps, making it harder to clean with. It can also be very damaging to our hair and scalp. It leaves hair feeling unclean even when you have rinsed and repeated. The residue left behind blocks out moisture, leaving your hair dry and your scalp flaky.

Chlorine is also very damaging to hair and skin. It is said that showering in chlorinated water may be worse that drinking chlorinated water. Chlorine strips the natural protective oils from the skin and hair, causing excess drying and frizz.  Hair can become dry, coarse, static and prone to tangles and breakage.

Whole house water filters & softeners can be used to reduce hardness and remove chlorine from your homes water. Adding these filters will give your hair and skin many benefits including:

  • Prevention of Skin Irritation
  • Slowing Your Skin’s Aging Process
  • Minimizing Breakouts and Acne
  • Reducing Split Ends
  • Keeping Hair Shiny
  • And More…

Contact us if you need help finding the right filtration for you, your hair, and your skin.

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