Is unfiltered water the reason your cooking taste funny? The benefits of filtered water in food preparation

Sometimes when we prepare food at home it just doesn’t taste how we think it should. Before questioning your culinary skills may be, you should check your water quality. Since water is such an important part of cooking, it’s best to use water that is safe and of high quality.

Although drinking water provided by local municipalities is usually free of most pathogenic microorganisms that cause serious illnesses there are still things in it that may alter the quality of food prepared with it. One of these is chlorine, which is commonly used to disinfect water. Chlorine can affect the taste of food, and it also can affect how it looks. Chlorine is also said to affect yeast; which is used in baking, causing baked goods to come out hard and flat. Unfiltered water may also contain small amounts of dissolved minerals such as lead, mercury, magnesium, sodium, and calcium which all can drastically alter the taste of foods prepared with it.

Single tap or whole house filtration systems could be the answer to your culinary woes. These systems ensure drinking water is purer and with fewer minerals, and chlorine for cooking. We offer a variety of single tap and whole house filtration systems, they have tremendous benefits it the kitchen.

Remember some of the benefits of cooking with filter water are:

  • It Enhances Flavor to Food and Drinks
  • It Helps in Producing Optimal Baking Results
  • It Helps Protect Us From Harmful Contaminants
  • It Protects Our Hands When Cleaning Dishes

Check out our single tap or whole house filters, and find which is best for you!

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